9th Grade Fall Campout - Backpacking


The theme of the 9th grade backpacking campout is “ Unpacking Your Emotional Backpack.” This campout is designed to teach dads and daughters low-impact backpacking and allows the girls to realize how little they need to be comfortable on a weekend backpacking trip. We start the campout weighing your pack, unloading your pack, taking out unnecessary supplies, and then weighing it again. Carrying things in your pack that you don’t need is just as silly as carrying unnecessary emotions in your emotional backpack. The weekend is about training not endurance. The hike in is about two miles.  Sunday’s breakout is very special because the dads and daughters talk about unloading emotions that you have been carrying through life in your emotional backpack.


Personal Testimony by Alex Ziehm:

My dad, Jeff, at 6’2” has had back problems his entire life. He was worried about going backpacking. He found that modern backpacks were special in that they put the majority of the weight on the hips and very little weight on the back. My dad and I then went on the HATS Colorado Trek where we continued to enjoy backpacking