6th Grade Fall Campout - Canoeing


Fall 6th grade canoeing is one of our most popular campouts. Mentors teach you how to pack all your gear into a canoe for the weekend. We spend the night on a remote island on the Brazos River. It is the girls’ first opportunity to experience true wilderness camping, with the availability of 700 pounds of gear. The theme this weekend is “It’s the Journey not the Destination.” Dads have an opportunity to practice patience, tone of voice, and positive mental attitude, as their daughters steer down the river. Saturday night around the driftwood fire, telling ghost stories and star gazing… memories that will last forever! Sunday morning is unique. We teach the dads how to tie two knots and the daughters’ two knots. Then we bring them together and they teach each other. When a dad realizes he can learn from his daughter, and she realizes she has something to teach him, their relationship strengthens like the knots they’re learning to tie.