5th Grade Fall Campout – Low Ropes


In the fall, the 5th grade campout focuses on a low ropes course. The theme for this campout is “Working Together and Challenge by Choice.” HATS has created a low ropes challenge course and climbing wall on a private ranch about an hour and a half from Dallas. We will break the 5th grade teams into smaller groups and work with group dynamics to solve challenging problems as well as individual dad and daughter team challenges. Part of the theme, challenge by choice, is used to demonstrate to our daughters they have the option of saying no to activities in life when they are asked to participate in an activity but don’t want to do so. It also gives the daughters the opportunity to learn that they truly can contribute to a group effort to succeed in a challenge. On Sunday mornings, the dad and daughter breakout session consists of discussing how each decision was made during the low ropes course and the strategies involved in teamwork.