A HATS mentor is a dad, daughter, son team that assists Camp Directors in the activities of an adventure.  They play a critical role in the execution of the adventure, safety oversight, and ensuring all of our participant dad, daughter, and son teams are having a good time in whatever adventure they are experiencing.  The WLA graduate mentor teams set the weekend tone by leading games and activities, interacting with participants, and working as an extension of the High Adventure Treks leadership team for all participants.  Their job is essential to every adventure and are a valued part of the leadership circle.

How to Become a Mentor

Regardless of grade, a Dad, daughter, son team may return and mentor any campout they previously had attended, even if they have not graduated from Wilderness Leadership Academy.   These grade-level mentors are recognized and awarded with their treasured red mentor hat, which identifies them as a part of the leadership team for the adventure.   Grade-level mentors are assigned a small number of tasks and are an important part of the team to fulfill the mission for the weekend.

Wilderness Leadership Academy graduate teams are assigned higher level tasks related that are camper facing including game setup, execution, and debriefs; safety responsibilities; and many other leadership assignments that are taught in Wilderness Leadership Academy.   WLA Graduate mentors are absolutely critical partners to the Camp Director to effectively run a great weekend adventure and are essential to the adventure’s success.   WLA mentors have a fantastic time working with other mentors, the director teams, and most importantly our participant teams on HATS adventures!  It is not uncommon for WLA teams to mentor dozens of campouts together through high school, and even beyond!

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